Fire Alarm Systems

IconiPro knows that you can’t always predict fires in your home or business. However, we can protect your property from future danger with our renowned fire alarm products. IconiPro offers a wide portfolio of Silent Knight fire alarm systems to guarantee that your home or business is protected fully. As part of Honeywell Fire Systems, Silent Knight is one of the top leaders in the fire alarm industry. Our fire alarms are dependable, cost-effective, and utilize cutting edge technology to ensure that your property is safe from fire. Best of all, IconiPro tailors specific solutions to individual situations. Whether you’re looking for an addressable fire alarm control or communication system, we have the right alarm system for any occasion. IconiPro’s fire systems go beyond protecting your home from fire. Silent Knight alarms monitor carbon dioxide levels, detect smoke, and contact your local fire department in the case of an emergency. Whether you’re seeking a fire alarm for residential or commercial use, you can trust IconiPro to deliver a reliable, safe, and potentially life-saving product in your property.