Residential Systems

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Whether you’re away from your home for 10 minutes or 3 weeks, you need to know that your family and valuables are safe. An IconiPro security system can notify you when anything happens in your home, from your children coming home from school to human intrusion and potential carbon monoxide or fire danger. Using any mobile device, homeowners can manage their security system from their smartphone or computer. IconiPro’s wireless security systems can allow you to arm or disarm system protection, control temperature, and even monitor your home’s activity through surveillance cameras. Our security system’s strong support features and effortless interaction with security companies makes choosing an IconiPro system a simple choice for you. Because we have a wide array of security options, IconiPro always designs a custom security solution to suit your home. We always keep in mind the needs of your house and family, making sure our systems not only protect your home, but also offer you peace of mind. IconiPro’s home security system ensures that what you value most is protected, your family. From protection against intruders, to monitored fire alarms and emergency response services, IconiPro helps you feel a greater sense of security at home and while you’re away.