Protect Your Business from Fires of all Kinds

Proactive protection and monitoring of your business against fire, theft, vandalism and potential lawsuits.

Fire Alarms & Compliance

Security, Cameras & Monitoring

Access Control & Protection

IconiPro technician servicing a fire alarm panel.

Are you confident that…

  • Your fire system is operational and up to city and fire codes?
  • You can keep customers or employees out of areas where they shouldn’t be?
  • You could provide evidence against a false accusation?
  • You’re treated like a friend and not a number by your current alarm company?

We treat you like our friend and neighbor, because that’s who we serve.

Fire Alarms & Compliance

We install state of the art fire systems that protect your business in the event of a fire, and ensure you remain in the local inspector’s good graces.

Security Systems & Surveillance

Whether it’s a thief, vandal or someone looking to take advantage of your business, we have the equipment to protect your business.

Access Control & Protection

If you have areas in your business you need to keep certain people out of, or you want to know when and who is entering and exiting, we can help.

Being a business owner can often feel like you’re a firefighter, constantly putting out one fire after the next.

You shouldn’t have to play firefighter in your business. For nearly 30 years, IconiPro Security & Alarms has helped hundreds of business owners just like you protect their businesses from fires, both literally and metaphorically.

Schedule a free site visit with us today, so you can focus on growing your business while we focus on protecting it.

IconiPro technician servicing a business's surveillance system.

How it Works

1. Schedule a Site Visit

One of our project managers will meet with you for a tour your business to learn about your goals, and your site’s unique needs and challenges.

2. Customize Your Security System

Once we understand your business’ needs, we’ll get to work creating a system, customized to your business that will exceed your expectations.

3. Know Your Business is Protected

Never spend another sleepless night worrying over what might happen to your business. You’ll have a clear mind to serve your customers and community.

Seamless Security for Business

At IconiPro Security & Alarms, we understand you’re a business owner who just wants to serve your customers and your community. In order to do that you need peace of mind, knowing your business is protected and monitored 24/7. The problem is you’re distracted by the urgent, but not important tasks that keep you from focusing on what needs needs to get done. It’s wrong for you to be constantly distracted from growing your business and serving your community. That’s why we’ve been protecting business’ just like yours for nearly 30 years. We treat you like our friend and neighbor, because that’s who we serve. Protecting your business might seem daunting, but our solution is simple. 1. Schedule a site visit 2. We’ll customize a system to your business 3. Go about your business. So schedule a site visit today so you can stop worrying about your business, and focus on growing it instead.

IconiPro service van open with technician working inside it.