Protect Your Home from Trouble

Proactive security systems, video surveillance and 24/7 monitoring for your home so you know it’s safe.

Protect Against Thieves & Vandals

See Your Home When Away

24/7 Monitoring by a Local Company

Two IconiPro service trucks parked in front of a customer residential home

When away from your home, have you asked yourself questions like:

  • I wonder if my home is okay?
  • Did I lock the front door?
  • What if someone broke into my house?
  • Did that storm cause any damage to my property?
  • Am I going to show up to my home and find out it’s been vandalized?

We treat you like our friend and neighbor, because that’s who we serve

Security Systems

Protect your home from break-ins and vandalism. With a security system, your home is 3x less likely to be targeted by home intruders.

Video Surveillance

A surveillance system will let you check on your home after a storm, keep your house cleaner honest and should a break-in occur, help bring the perp to justice.

24/7 Monitoring

If your security system is triggered, both you and emergency services will be instantly notified to ensure a rapid response to the alarm.

Worrying about your home can keep you up at night

At IconiPro Security & Alarms, we’ve been helping people just like you for nearly 30 years feel confident knowing their homes are protected.

“Not only does IconiPro brilliantly handle our security, but, remarkably, they have great abilities in IT and networking – important aspects of modern security, amongst other, systems we run at home. We have found their pricing low, their commitment high, and cannot recommend them enough.”

- Richard

“We’ve trusted IconiPro to protect our vacation home for 14 years and counting. When we leave the coast, we have peace of mind that our property is safe, secure, and protected. We’d proudly recommend them!”

- Kathy and Dean

How it Works

1. Schedule a Site Visit

One of our project managers will meet with you for a tour of your home to learn about your goals, and your home’s unique needs and challenges.

2. Create Your Custom System

Once we understand your home’s needs, we’ll get to work creating a customized system that will exceed your expectations.

3. Know Your Home is Secure

Never spend another sleepless night worrying over what might happen to your home. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your home is protected.

There’s no need to worry about what’s outside of your control

At IconiPro Security & Alarms, we understand you want to be in control of your home. In order to do that you need to know it’s protected and monitored 24/7, but most of us spend more time away from our homes than in them. You shouldn’t have to worry about what’s outside of your control. That’s why we’ve been protecting homes just like yours for nearly 30 years.

We treat you like our friend and neighbor, because that’s who we serve. Protecting your vacation home might seem daunting, but our solution is simple. 1. Schedule a site visit 2. We’ll customize a system to your home 3. Know your home is protected.

So schedule a site visit today so you stop worrying about your home when you’re away and instead feel confident knowing your home is protected.

IconiPro techncian servicing a residential home